Our Team

Sajida Hameed

District Coordinator

Sajida has more than 18 years of diversified experience working with national and international organizations. She started her career by working with Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) in various positions across districts in South Punjab. She has extensive experience in field communication, community mobilization, project proposal development, training, team building, team management, funds management, coordination, and report writing. She has served as an advocacy specialist and conducted a number of consultations with government departments, CSOs and communities to draft a policy of Human Rights in collaboration with the Ministry for Human Rights. She is leading implemention of SDSM’s capacity building and awareness programs for health staff and conducing field visits to monitor performance and impact.

Zeeshan Malik

Data Management Associate

Zeeshan is a LUMS graduate with a degree in Economics. He has reinforced his academic background with data analytics and is proficient in Stata, Power Bi, QGIS, Excel, EpiData and the R statistical software for creating insightful visualizations, manipulation of data frames, drawing statistical inferences and web scraping. He focuses on the use of big data to influence data-driven health policies and to improve the health sector in Pakistan. He enjoys compressing large data into approachable and appealing graphics through the power of statistical tools. Zeeshan is working with SDSM for over a year and focuses on data analysis and visualization for impact assessment of our maternal and reproductive health programs.

Amamah Noor

Monitoring and Evaluation Associate
Amamah has designed evaluation tools and a comprehensive Stata training curriculum with SDSM for government officials and has trained the provincial data management staff responsible for analyzing real-time public health data from all 36 districts of Punjab. She completed her MS in Development Studies, Technology, and Policy from Information Technology University (ITU) with a merit scholarship. Her research focuses on community-level health interventions, reducing health disparities among marginalized women, and exploring child and maternal health issues in Pakistan. She published a paper examining the impact of the social and built environment on women’s and children’s health outcomes. As a co-PI on a project funded by the ITU, she is examining the impact of Covid-19 vaccination on menstruation change among women in urban areas of Lahore, Pakistan.