Safe Delivery Safe Mother

Health Systems

We strengthen public health systems by developing and implementing holistic solutions to enhance the quality and accessibility of healthcare services in rural, remote and low-resource communities. Our solutions are integrated within the public health system through public-private partnership models which are effectively scaled and sustained with government ownership. Our designed programs have won competitive global grants, contribute to national policy targets such as Pakistan’s Family Planning 2030 commitments, are replicable within/across provinces and applicable for diverse country contexts. 

We build individual and institutional capacity and strengthen evidence-based policy making by developing technical tools and templates that are integrated into health management systems which capture and track real-time district and provincial level data. Our approach ensures sustainability and scalability as opposed to creating parallel systems with limited outreach. We conduct advocacy campaigns in collaboration with our partners to engage with diverse audiences and raise awareness on maternal and reproductive health through a citizen-centered approach. 

Bank details for donations within Pakistan:
Bank: Habib Bank Limited (HBL)
Account title: Safe Delivery Safe Mother (SDSM)
Account number: 1353-79020729-03
IBAN: PK63 HABB 0013 5379 0207 2903
For in-kind donations, please email us at [email protected]
For our international patrons, please reach us at [email protected]