Ways to Support

Join our cause and reduce preventable maternal deaths in Pakistan with financial and in-kind donations.

Train a Community Health Worker

for $35

Provide a Safe Delivery Kit

for $3

You can reach us at You can reach us at

Give a One-time Donation

You can donate to help fund our programs which are building capacity of frontline health staff, strengthening health and data management systems, raising awareness on maternal healthcare and inspiring citizens to act.

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Become a Monthly or Annual Donor

You can contribute regularly to support our ongoing work – according to your timeline and budget.

We also accept Zakat and Sadqa contributions.

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Honor your Loved Ones

You can dedicate a tribute gift to your family, friends and colleagues and make them a part of our cause. You can also dedicate your contributions for special events like birthdays, graduations or weddings. We will send a personalized message to inform your loved ones of the special gift in their name.

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For Companies and Partners

Support an issue from our core programs which your company and employees find meaningful and collectively advance our shared vision of safe, healthy and happy families in Pakistan.

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